Stitch Me by K. C. Carmine (PDF)

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ebook details:

Book Name:Stitch Me
File Size:3.6MB

Story Line:

When a bad-boy immigrant wants to explore his kinky side, Rod is willing to give him much more than his firm hand. His career a mess and the excitement of his sex life fading, Rod is ready for a change. He needs someone who can fit into his world as a true partner, but also feed his dominant and sadistic sides. Impossible? Maybe, but he needs to try.

He signs up for a new dating app, just as a feisty young man catches his eye. Desperate to escape his dead-end existence in the US, Caleb flees to England in search of a different life. Along comes a trusted friend, a new dating app, and a chance to find a cuddly bear to submit to, but without a proper job, he might be forced to return home.

Consumed by his white-hot passion, Rod refuses to let his perfect sub slip from his grasp. He’s determined to do whatever it takes to earn Caleb’s love before they run out of time.

It had been three months and Caleb still found it weird to ride on the upper deck of a bus. It was one of many things that made him feel completely uprooted from his beloved Chicago when he moved to Bristol. Nearing downtown, or rather, the city center, he pressed the button for the bus to stop.

Hefting up his backpack with a folder full of his sketches, he patted his pocket to make sure he hadn’t lost the thumb drive before he bounced down the bus’s stairs. The commotion in the center reminded him of his home city, even more so as he approached a rusty bridge he kept forgetting the name of. Brunel’s Swivel Bridge—yeah, that was it.

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