Spectre’s Jinx by Naomi Porter (PDF)

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Book Name:Spectre’s Jinx
File Size:1MB

Story Line:

They say love hurts, and life’s a circus. I don’t care what they say. Spectre is a sinfully handsome bad boy and worth a fractured heart. Like him, I love my freedom, and nobody tells me what to do. But I would do anything for that biker.

When my mom kicks me out of the house, Spectre feels obligated to help me. But I refuse to be a burden and tie him down. He can have his freedom. Little did I know, he actually loves me. Maybe what I think is bad luck is a beautiful stroke of luck.

If only I’d known his feelings before getting mixed up with the carnies. Anything under nineteen, and I’d usually take another card. Yeah, I was cocky when it came to gambling. Go big or go home had been my motto since I was a teenager. My four older brothers would’ve never respected me if I showed fear about anything.

But the smirk on Cesar’s face made me nervous. All week I’d hung out at his blackjack table. Sometimes I cleaned house, and other times I lost my shorts. If I took another card, I’d likely bust. Gonna take all day to decide, homie?” He grinned, showing his pearly whites. That couldn’t be good.

I’d been studying his tells and trying to memorize them. He was a fucking good dealer, but I’d been easily distracted when a particular server breezed by, leaving her intoxicating perfume behind, so I was confident I’d missed some crucial expressions on Cesar’s stupid face.

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