Special Monsters Unit by Eve Langlais (PDF)

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Book Name:Special Monsters Unit
File Size:1.4MB

Story Line:

Trouble is brewing in Nexus, and for some reason, they think I can stop it. Some people are born to greatness. My mother wanted to strangle me at birth. I’ve not had an easy life, not in a world that thrives on magic. Spells to reinforce buildings. Hexes to give you the face of a supermodel. Or so I’ve been told. No one can hide their true face from me, and people get ugly when they find out my presence is the reason magic shrivels and dies.

It’s not as cool as it sounds, so when I’m offered a job with the Special Monsters Unit, I take a chance and join a misfit crew to find out why the town of Nexus is a magnet for cryptids. At least I’m part of a team. I’m making friends. I’m— Finding out secrets about my past that are hard to handle. But my emotional scars will have to wait until after we deal with the monsters. Especially those with human faces.

Shifting my weight slightly to the left didn’t ease the cramp in my thigh. Too bad. I wasn’t sitting again. My ass didn’t appreciate the cold tile floor in the frigid museum where I conducted my stakeout. I should have brought a pillow and a blanket. Hell, a face mask would have been welcome, given the dinosaur bones I crouched behind didn’t smell all that good even if dead for a gazillion years.

I’d been here since well before closing, pretending to be just another history buff, wandering the many rooms with their displays, hiding when the museum closed. On purpose and with permission, I should add. I’d been hired to resolve an unknown phenomenon.

Given it had been months since my last consultant gig, I was stoked and determined to get this job right. Government contracts, like this current short-term one with the Cryptid Authority, paid well. Well, enough that a steady gig of them would let me quit the night shift at the cemetery.

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