Soul Crossed by Sheryl Quinn (PDF)

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Book Name:Soul Crossed
File Size:2.6MB

Story Line:

Trouble is coming, Siobhan Wilder. Run, baby, run.

Those were the last words her mother whispered before she died, murdered by an enemy pack a week before The Culling, the sacred ritual wolves across the world perform to fully bond their humanity with the wolf living inside of them. Siobhan is living on borrowed time. Half witch, half wolf, she’s always known something different lives inside of her. Keeping her secret buried deep, Siobhan is desperate for a way to avoid The Culling and the wrath of her pack. When a strange voice calls her to the forest, Siobhan follows only to discover a lost wolf pack, her fated mate, and a destiny far greater than she ever could have imagined.

The moon never called to her the way it did the others. For Siobhan, the moon was a whisper, a caress against her skin guiding her change from human to wolf instantaneously. For the others, it was a once-a-month command, a force of nature that broke spines and muscle, crippling the human until the change was complete. She never divulged this secret. Pain was a rite of passage in the Fire Clan, something to be proud of. Siobhan never liked pain and thought it odd others did. Why would she subject herself to it unnecessarily?

This was one of the many differences between her and the other wolves in her clan. Her mother had already gone for the day, out gathering the herbs and wild edibles for tonight’s dinner, one Siobhan was responsible for making. She didn’t mind this chore. Cooking for her was a way to pass the time, a chance to get away from the pokes and jeers from her clan. No one dared mess with her on the nights she claimed the kitchen as her own. It was the one thing she excelled at, and there wasn’t a wolf in the entire United States who would jeopardize their dinner over a bit of prodding at the weird girl.

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