Soul Bound by Cari Z (PDF)

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ebook details:

Book Name:Soul Bound
File Size:2.8MB

Story Line:

Magic has faded out of everyday life. Only in the darkest corners of the world, or the richest coffers, does the power of magic endure. Everyone says it’s for the best. When rogue magic lashes out, though, there’s only one place the afflicted can go to solve their problems—the Marvel. Whoever is chosen to enter the Marvel has to endure a trial unlike any other—a trial that most people fail, leaving their hopes and their bones behind to feed the wild magic of the place.

When two people are chosen, soul bound, to endure the trial simultaneously…well, either the gods have a sense of humor or the magic is angling for a feast. Can warrior Caz and courtesan Lias, men with wildly different magical problems, survive the trials if they work together? Or will the magic feed on two souls instead of one?

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