Smartphone Photography: Photo-Editing Mobile Tips (epub)

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Book Name:Smartphone Photography: Photo-Editing Mobile Tips
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Great photos can only be taken with the right lighting. Everybody has seen photos that are so dark it is hard to see what you are trying to capture. Light is crucial to great photography. Apple has made it easier to take photos in low light with the iPhones. This will be discussed later in the book. It’s very exciting. We’ll show you how to use simple settings on your smartphone.

These settings will work for you when you take the photos, and your photos will look better. Setting the exposure is the simplest and fastest way to change your image. To bring up the focus point, open the camera app. Touch the little sun symbol from there. To make the phone brighter, move your finger towards the top and toward the bottom.

If you don’t have enough light, this is crucial. The perfect lighting for the shot means that the sun is directly behind you or to your side. Another quick setting that you can do is this: Keep your finger in front of the spot until it locks the exposure. This will ensure that the exposure and focus are locked in at the spot where the subject is. This is particularly useful for portraits.

This is important for portraits. Before you take the shot, make sure to set the camera’s shooting mode. If you’re taking a shot that will be used on a large computer screen, it is important to not have the camera set up in a square position. If you wish to capture an area larger than what is on the screen, the panorama mode should be used. Don’t forget to use the other settings on your phone’s camera. You can mak

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