Shaken by Bella Matthews (PDF)

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Book Name:Shaken
File Size:3.1MB

Story Line:

Sawyer Kingston is an A**hole. The thing is, he’s got everyone fooled. To them, he’s the gorgeous billionaire who owns the hottest bar in thecity. To me, he’s the cocky jerk whose favorite pastime has always been torturing me. The only thing we’ve ever agreed on is our mutual dislike for each other. But that was before I moved in next-door to him, and we shockingly agreed on something else. There’s a fine line between love and hate. The problem is . . . I think I crossed that line.

“Sawyer Kingston is an asshole.” The bitter wind whips off the lake, chilling my cheeks but does nothing to douse the white-hot anger speaking his name causes. I guess some things you never really get over. You may have a momentary lapse in judgment, but reality always comes crashing back down on you.

I grasp my paper cup a little too tightly between my mitten-covered hands and glare at my best friend, Quinn. We’re huddled together on my new front lawn, watching the movers unload the first round of my furniture into the lakeside cottage I’m renting in Kroydon Hills.

I haven’t lived here year-round since I was seventeen years old, before I left for college. More accurately, before I ran away. Now, ten years later, I stand here and inhale another deep breath of frigid air rolling off the frozen lake that holds so many memories, and my entire body relaxes, knowing it’s time.

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