Shadow’s Personal Nurse by Rose Adam (PDF)

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Book Name:Shadow’s Personal Nurse
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Story Line:

Shadow woke with a start, disoriented as images raced around his foggy brain. Panting hard, his throat dry and raspy, a sheen of sweat covered his skin. The nightmare lingered in the back of his mind still. He could feel it being chased away by consciousness. Not again. Tossing his legs over the edge of the bed, he rubbed his hands over his face then rested his elbows on his knees hunching over, fingers kneading his temples. Not again.

He knew why he was having these nightmares again. Recent events had the memory brought front and center once more into his mind. His friend, Data, had a scare with his girl near the end of her pregnancy. Luckily, Felicia and the babies were alive and healthy. Shadow knew it would take a few days to get over these nightmares, but it was a bitch.

Damn things popped up when you least expected them. He turned to the clock as his heart rate slowed, his sweat beaded flesh cooled. It wasn’t even six yet, he wanted to groan in irritation. Oh well, might as well get started for the day. Before he knew it, it would be time to wake up his daughter. Natasha was one thing he still had from his late wife, aside from photographs.

Natasha looked just like her too. Long, straight blonde hair, small button nose, for now anyway. Natasha would soon be nine years old. Damn, it had not been long enough for her to be that old yet. Shadow glanced at the family photo on his nightstand. Him and his wife, Alexi, pregnant with their second child, and Natasha in his arms. He closed his eyes as a tear slipped free.

He loved and hated that photo. He missed her so much. Missed the life they had planned. Although he knew his wife would be smacking him upside the head for wallowing in his self pity, he still felt it. He was allowed. Especially when he…well, when he may have found someone else. He could see Alexi now, shaking her finger, fisted hand on her hip, scalding him and reprimanding him.

A fire in her eyes. The thought brought a sad smile to his face, and more tears. He was such a jerk. Such a jerk because he may have found someone else, but he pushed her away. Tasha. Beautiful, caramel skinned, spiral curly hair, Tasha. While her hair drew him in, it was her quirkiness that wanted to stick. She was funny and sassy, yet sturdy and stable when called for.

The differences in physical features between Alexi and Tasha were night and day. There were no notions of it being a mistaken identity complex. Yet that just made his refusal of her that much more painful. He wasn’t in the right headspace to accept more from her. He wasn’t sure he ever could be, would be. No matter that it had been two months since they last spoke. He had Natasha to think of; his daughter, his treasure.

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