Seducing the Sheriff of Nottingham by Cassandra Gannon (PDF)

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Book Name:Seducing the Sheriff of Nottingham
File Size:3.1MB

Story Line:

Maid Marion has a chance to redo her life. Ten years ago she was sent to the Wicked Ugly and Bad Prison for murdering the Sheriff of Nottingham. One small problem: She didn’t do it! Now, magic is sending the former Good girl back in time to set things right. Marion’s embraced her Badness, this time around. She’ll get revenge on her selfish ex-boyfriend, Robin Hood, make Nottingham pay for all the ways they screwed her over, and save the handsome, gargoyle sheriff from his real killer. …And while she’s at it, she’ll seduce that brooding man and claim her real happily ever after!

Marion tried ignoring her, but it did no good. Tansy was like a perky, blonde pitbull. She’d been born a Hatter, a rare and mysterious race capable of altering time. Tansy claimed she could change it, in fact. That meant she spent vast portions of her day rethinking the events that had landed her in the penitentiary. Who could blame her? If Tansy ever got out, and had the magic inhibitor removed from her ankle, it was theoretically possible she could rewind all her mistakes and do things differently. Marion wasn’t sure the girl’s magic would actually work, of course.

No one knew much about Hatters. There weren’t a lot of them and their ability to warp time frightened people, so they tended to keep to themselves. Some things that they obviously might have changed stayed terrible, though, so there must have been some limits to their ability to effect the past. Since Marion herself had no powers, she couldn’t explain it all. She certainly wasn’t bigoted against the Hatters, though. Marion wasn’t bigoted against anyone.

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