Secret Royal and the Rodeo Cowboy by Jewel Allen (PDF)

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Book Name:Secret Royal and the Rodeo Cowboy
File Size:423KB

Story Line:

The sound of a flashbulb going off breaks into my concentration. So does the subsequent hauling off of the offending tabloid photographer by event security. I sit unruffled on my horse, even though inside, I’m seething at the disruption. But I’m here to compete, and compete I shall. Once the commotion subsides, I press my knees subtly into Massimo’s flanks.

My eleven-year-old Hanoverian bay gelding strides regally into my jumping class until I signal for him to stop and wait. I turn to the judges’ table and watch for their cue to go. However many times I’ve done this—I’ve lost count, over twenty times at least—walking into a showmanship arena astride a horse with champion bloodlines, my heart still races and excitement flows through my veins. Under me, Massimo is a coiled powerhouse, anxious to do my bidding.

In time, my friend. And then it’ll be a little cup of pistachio sorbet for you, away from Julian’s hawk-like eyes. A little snort escapes from Massimo. Fine, I add to my silent promise. And a biscuit. This is Massimo’s third showing at the World Equestrian Games. But what makes this ride special is that our principality, Mondragón, is hosting this year’s competition.

It’s our chance to show that our tiny island off the coast of Spain is living up to its rising reputation in equestrian athletics. As a princess from Mondragón’s ruling Assante lineage, it’s my chance to represent my countrymen and their passion for horses, in the best possible way. The media’s particularly interested in my showing, jostling each other from the cordoned-off press area, more flashbulbs going off like they’d been instructed not to do. Games volunteers outmuscle a few, camera straps flailing in the air.

I try to ignore all that and turn to the judges again. They nod. Collecting Massimo’s reins, I motion for him to go forward. We trot, then easily slip into a canter once round before launching, with practiced ease and joy, into our first jump. He sails effortlessly into the next one, and then the next two jumps in succession, his landing graceful and balanced.

I have a hunch we’ve clinched first place. My jumps felt right, but of course nothing will be a sure thing until the scores are submitted. I walk off with my horse with a neutral expression as the scores flash on the marquee. Applause, louder than usual in the arena, fills the air. I hold back tears of joy and pat Massimo’s neck, my fingers reveling in the feel of his smooth hide. “Pistachio sorbet coming right up.”

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