Scandalous Pledge by Vi Carter (PDF)

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Book Name:Scandalous Pledge
File Size:1.4MB

Story Line:

Alex My father controlled every move I made, even who I loved. I’ve wanted Nadia since we were children, but a maid’s daughter isn’t fit for a Mafia king. For nine years, I’ve protected her from the shadows, secretly dictating her every move–until now. My father’s death has set me free, and I will claim what is mine, even if it costs me an empire.

Nadia I’ve loved him my whole life and have hated him for nearly a decade. I would have given anything for Alex Murphy to make me his, but the day he pushed me aside changed everything. Now he claims to want me for his wife, but he harbors secrets that could destroy everything. Secrets that could cost me my life and his. Will our love set us free or will his secrets keeps us apart?

The rain is sharp. As the sheets of water blow sideways, they hit the asphalt before bouncing back up. I should feel the cold. I should feel the heaviness of the rain. I should be running for cover. But I don’t. I’m smiling; he’s smiling, and at thirteen, I know this feeling I have for Alex Murphy is unstoppable.

He’s what makes me tick. He’s like my batteries. Without him, nothing seems as bright, nothing seems possible, and nothing seems real. His laughter dances around me, and as he advances closer, I see the shift in his gaze even before his laughter dies down, and he pushes his dark hair out of his eyes.

“You are a very bad influence on me.” His height dwarfs everything around us. My heart does that funny dance that often shifts into when Alex looks at me differently than he normally does. It’s at these moments when I’m at my freest that he looks at me differently. I want to tell him I only do these things, like running out into the rain, for his reaction. I’d jump off a cliff for his reaction. His hand captures mine, and his warmth alerts the rest of my body to the drop in temperature. I slide closer, seeking his heat.

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