Saved By the Enemy by Waverly Sage (PDF)

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Book Name:Saved By the Enemy
File Size:2MB

Story Line:

Attacking me didn’t win the shifter any brownie points… But when I’m taken captive, he becomes the only person who can save me.

Protecting my family was all I cared about, Until the powerful seasoned enemy proved me wrong. In an instant, my young life was turned upside down and inside out. Deep down I felt this undeniable pull toward a shifter I didn’t know existed. He convinced my adopted family that I would be safer with my kind. And the closer to our destination the more my heart belongs to him.

Just when I came to terms with being his fated mate, I was snatched away. Now I must rely on a man that doesn’t believe we are destined to be bonded My mate must realize we are fated before it is too late, or all will be lost.

I took a deep breath; the night air was cool and refreshing. Spring was just around the corner. I could smell it on the earth. The sleeping flowers stirred beneath the frozen ground. It will be an early spring this year.

Mom, we should start planning your spring garden,” I chirped, linking my arm with hers as we strolled along the short, moonlit path toward the house. They had come out to walk with me and enjoy our version of brunch. Though it was closer to midnight, and the rest of the world was fast asleep. I wasn’t like the rest of the world, and my parents adjusted their daily life to match my needs as they raised me.

A bit early for that, don’t you think?” dad responded, chuckling under his breath before pulling at his tobacco pipe. No, it’s the best time to start planning,” I insisted, smiling at the old man who had raised me. I could still see the youthful face beneath his wrinkles, his eyes still full of life, as the smoke curled in the air between us.

We reached the door to their small home, the smell of freshly cooked food carrying out when my dad opened it, allowing Mom and I to enter first. The house was warm, a fire burning near the dining table, set with a pot of hot food and two places. The third chair had no place setting, only the seat.

I didn’t eat food. Not like mom and dad. My diet consisted more of the liquid side. Red in color. Preferably fresh. Usually from Mom. Like any mother, she nursed me as a child, just not in the traditional state.

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