Saved By Savage by Monica L. Smith (PDF)

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Book Name:Saved By Savage
File Size:2MB

Story Line:

Nichelle’s father lost a poker game with a high-roller player. Because he could not pay his debt, to keep from being killed, he gave his sixteen-year-old daughter’s hand in marriage to Miguel. She was collected by her husband-to-be and kept locked away until her eighteenth birthday. During this time, Miguel groomed her to become his submissive wife.

He made her learn his traditions while teaching her the ways of a dutiful wife. However, while he waited for her to come of age, he often allowed other women in their home to satisfy his appetite. Miguel married Nichelle on her eighteenth birthday, and he immediately became possessive and abusive towards her no matter how big or small the problem. He used his quick temper to make her fall into line.

Nichelle finds out some devastating news and escapes the clutches of Miguel. While on the run, her plane crashes in the Amazon Rainforest, and Savage captures her. But the kind of imprisonment he wants to offer her is totally different from the cage she flew from.

Today was our third-year anniversary, and I wanted to make this day as memorable as possible. Times have been extremely rough since I said I do, and it had nothing to do with our financial standing. Miguel had become more controlling and sensitive to the eyes of other men.

Someone could glance in my direction, and it would ignite his anger like the Fourth of July. I didn’t even have to look back at the gentleman who glanced at me with an appreciative eye. Because in Miguel’s mind, I wanted that attention, and that was unbecoming of a married woman.

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