Rock Hard Gargoyle by Maggie Mayhem (PDF)

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ebook details:

Book Name:Rock Hard Gargoyle
File Size:2.1MB

Story Line:

Stuck between a rock-hard Gargoyle and a hard place.

Oops! I accidentally painted a target on myself by crashing a dragon’s wedding. After a break-in at my apartment, I get my very own security detail. Cool right? Wrong. The big, brooding beast assigned to protect me 24/7 is the very same cocky guard who caught me at the wedding! The owner of Redrock Protective Services, Grayson is massive, powerful, and totally intimidating. Arrogant, too. Did I mention his slow, sultry smile or the wickedly possessive glint in his steel-gray eyes?

Something inhuman flickers there, and I realize, too late, that I’ve caught the attention of a monster. He vows to protect me from danger. His solution? Steal me away to his gorgeous penthouse high above the city. I should run before I do something stupid, like fall for the growly gargoyle. But I can’t. Evil lurks in the shadows waiting for me. Now, the only thing that will save me is my very own possessive monster.

Several months ago, a short, curvy lady with a pert nose and a pixie cut had walked into my made-to-order dress shop looking for a rush wedding dress of a special variety. It needed to be fireproof, or at the very least, fire-resistant. When I took the order, I hadn’t realized that I’d be making the wedding gown for the most talked-about wedding of the decade: the first high-profile monster-human wedding since The Wall had lifted a few years ago.

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