Reign by Elena Gray (PDF)

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Book Name:Reign
File Size:866KB

Story Line:

Welcome to the dark and deadly world of the Society of Secrets. In the city that never sleeps a secret nearly destroyed my life. Being an A-list actor has its perks, but it can also prove to be deadly. When someone tries to kill me, Chase, Griffin and Tyler do whatever it takes to protect me. Even if it means putting their own lives in danger. Being members of the Society of Secrets should have guaranteed our safety, but it may have put a target on our backs. As we search to find the killer, we uncover a secret that was best kept hidden.

The gray clouds obscuring the sun mirrored my current mood. Dark and stormy. This was going to be a “don’t fuck with me” kind of day. Standing in the opening of the jet’s doorway, I watched the clouds race across the sky. The air was thick and charged as it prepared to unleash a torrent of rain.

I had planned to sleep the whole flight home after having spent the last four months filming the sequel to Crash and Burn. Instead, I found my name trending on every social media site—and not in a good way.

My publicist was currently trying to do damage control, since this was not the type of publicity I needed right before I was due to have a film release. Don’t get me wrong, I’d had my fair share of negative publicity throughout my career and my skin was thick enough that I always brushed it off. But not this time. No. This time they’d gone too far.

Seeing #lilahrosehomewrecker twisted my stomach into knots. I normally didn’t care what people called me, but “homewrecker” was where I drew the line. I knew what it felt like to have your family torn apart by a cheating parent and would never do that to someone else. Whoever leaked that picture would never get an exclusive interview with me again.

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