Reckless Pursuit by Morgan James (PDF)

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Book Name:Reckless Pursuit
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Story Line:

Don’t miss Aiden and Izzy’s story, a small-town, brother’s best friend romantic suspense from bestselling author Morgan James.Isabella Thorne is precisely that—a thorn in my side. For years, my best friend’s little sister has tagged along behind us, dogging our every step. She’s wildly independent and outspoken… and the most tempting woman I’ve ever met.

When two young women disappear from her college campus, Izzy comes to me for help. She’s hell-bent on finding the truth, but I refuse to put her in danger. She means too much to me, and I’ll do everything in my power to keep her from doing something reckless—even if it means handcuffing the little hellion to my bed to keep her safe.

It was like she’d vanished into thin air. I glanced around the room, looking for my partner, but she was once again absent.

Unlike most students, Nicole hadn’t skipped a single class this semester that I could recall. She was quiet and studious, the exemplary kind of student professors loved. But for the past two weeks, she’d been noticeably absent. I hadn’t thought much about it at first, but we had a group project due before midterms, and we hadn’t even started on it.

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