Reaper by Elizabeth Williams (PDF)

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Book Name:Reaper
File Size:1.2MB

Story Line:

Tormented by a past that threatens to swallow him whole, nobody knows anguish better than the Grim Reaper himself. Rival MC members threaten to bring forth a new set of madness and mayhem that set things in motion for the Iron Aces. When he meets a woman who’s unknowingly tied to the club’s history, the stakes become even higher and deadlier when he’s forced to make a decision that could alter his position within the club forever. But when things become personal, he’s forced to take matters into his own hands to protect the only family he’s ever known… just as long as he doesn’t lose himself along the way.

I blinked away the memories as my fist connected with the well-used and slightly patched up punching bag. Sweat dripped down my brow and into my eyes, making them burn, but that kind of burn was nothing compared to the fiery ache currently rippling through the left side of my chest. Each punch, each swing, each kick, though it was meticulously and expertly placed, sent a searing jolt through my body that jarred my bones. But you would never know it if you saw me.

I masked my pain so well no one could see through my outer layers of defense. The rhythmic sound of my fists connecting with the bag, was almost perfectly in sync with the beat of the rock and roll music blasting through the speakers of the borrowed gym. The cinderblock wall of the small square room were painted white in an effort to help brighten the downstairs space, but it wasn’t enough to lighten up the dark thoughts that kept trying to drown me.

I haven’t seen my mother in twenty years, and even though I moved past her disappearing bullshit act when I was eleven, it still burned a permanent black hole in my heart. She was never much of a mother to begin with, and I wasn’t sorry to see her leave now that I was older, but damn if my last memory of her didn’t creep up on me from time to time. Wasting time on memories of a woman that walked out on her family was like sticking salt down an old, dried-up wound. Pointless.

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