Pucking Nothing by Sonya Jesus (PDF)

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Book Name:Pucking Nothing
File Size:2.8MB

Story Line:

His kind of broken pairs perfectly with hers.

Unless an almost murder charge and a bad name count for something, Knox Moore’s hockey career is over. Not officially, but thanks to the media incriminating the innocent, he hasn’t just been skating on thin ice… he’s been dragged through the mud so bad, not even the Zamboni can fix it. Needing a place to level out his head and escape the pressure, Knox surfaces up in the small town where his dream started–the very place he vowed never to return to.

Whether Knox comes looking for motivation or a reason to hate his family even more, he finds something entirely different: a beautiful disaster. Stevie Winlow can’t risk falling for someone. Not now. Not in this town. Not when her mom is on the verge of a breakdown and she’s hanging on by the ink on her planner. Letting someone in, even just a little, may ruin her entire setup… but Knox’s kind of damaged makes him irresistible. And he finds Stevie’s motivation addictive. Until he discovers the reason behind it. Then he’ll wish he hadn’t.

There’s a reason why I take showers in scalding water. Why I stand underneath the large shower head and let the pellets hit my skin, until it stings just enough to feel like tiny pebbles against my pores. The steam clears my airways and soothes the tight muscles around my shoulders, but the temperature has nothing to do with relaxation. There’s a moment between kind-of-unbearable and slightly pleasant, when the floor-to-ceiling glass partition fogs up, creating a curtain of condensation and isolates me from the outside.

And on good days, the inside too. Today is not a good day. My schedule has my nerves on warp speed, neurons firing like an automated BB-gun. Thought bullets ricochet off the inside curves of my skull, bouncing around the soft matter until they lose momentum and sink—sink—sink—further and further… until they magnetize together at the base of my throat.

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