Primal Instincts: Vol. 2 by Nicole Edwards (PDF)

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Book Name:Primal Instincts: Vol. 2
File Size:1.8MB

Story Line:

I am only one week into my new job at Primal Instincts, LLC, when I realize super sleuth is not something I will be adding to my resume anytime soon.

Although I’m still on my mission to uncover the truth about the secret kink club I suspect exists and is somehow tied to my employer, I find myself with more pressing things to deal with than solving that mystery. Between balancing the work assignment I’ve been given and the change in my current dating status, the only time I have left is spent dealing with a dominating, manipulative, not to mention sexy, man who has me in his crosshairs. Unfortunately, the aforementioned dominating man starts the dominoes falling when his manipulation puts me in a vulnerable position.

I had spent the majority of it sitting at my parents’ kitchen table with my laptop in front of me. Despite the fact my days and nights included nonstop thoughts of Creed and our encounter in the bathroom at Austere, I had managed to focus long enough to get my presentation to the point I was happy with it. The cats proved to be a decent sounding board, but after about the fifth time of reciting my proposal, they lost interest and disappeared as they were prone to do.

If someone were passing out blue ribbons for participation, I would’ve earned it because it hadn’t been easy. Nor had it been easy not to look at my phone a bajillion times to see whether Creed or Hawk had texted. They hadn’t, but as a wise poet once said, hope springs eternal.

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