Priceless Fate by Roxy Sloane (PDF)

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Book Name:Priceless Fate
File Size:1.2MB

Story Line:

Vengeance is priceless… Discover the spicy, thrilling new saga from USA Today bestselling author Roxy Sloane! They say when a man embarks on revenge, he should dig two graves. But what about a woman? I swore I’d destroy Sebastian Wolfe, no matter the cost. I surrendered my innocence – and my heart. But now, his secrets could be both our undoing. Is he the monster I’ve been chasing? Or the only man who can save me? Discover the explosive third installment of the spicy, thrilling new saga from USA Today bestselling author Roxy Sloane, perfect for fans of Sophie Lark, Ana Huang, and Sierra Simone..

I scream as a deafening explosion suddenly tears through the small private jet. We lurch dangerously, mid-air, and to my horror, I see flames out of one window, the right wing crumpled and going up in smoke.

Hold on!” he yells, covering me with his body, protecting me as the plane shakes and dips. What do we do?” I cry, as Sebastian stumbles back into the pilot’s seat. Sit down and buckle up!” he yells at me, trying to get control of the plane again. “We have to do an emergency landing!”

Oh God. I do what he says, fumbling with the belt in panic. I can see the dark mountains rearing up ahead of us, the snowy forests barely lit by our flashes of light. They’re coming too fast. Too close. “Sebastian!” I scream again, as we plow into the forest, the sound of crunching glass and metal deafening as the crushing impact sends me reeling And everything goes black.

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