Pretty Little Thief by Ashlee M Edmonds (PDF)

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Book Name:Pretty Little Thief
File Size:2.5MB

Story Line:

I’ve never been good at being a princess, but when my father chooses me as his rightful heir over my brother, I hold my head high and prepare myself for what is to come. Only it is far more deadly than I had anticipated. My brother is a puppet at my grandmother’s mercy.

Which leaves us pitted against one another in a fight to rule IronHaven. He has stolen the throne and tried to steal my life along with it. With my royal guard, Dominic, Callum, Greyson, and Tristan by my side, I must fight to stay alive for the sake of our Kingdom. In a war of good and evil, the fate of IronHaven lies with Robyn and her men.

Wiping away the sweat trickling off my brow as the crisp, hot air of IronHaven fills my lungs. I take a deep breath, raising my trembling arms back up. I release the string between my fingers and watch as my arrow skirts the side of the target for the countless time. Shit! “Again,” Dominic demands. My head swings to the side at the sound of his husky voice, leveling him with a wicked glare. His sharp tongue commands the hot summer wind swirling between us.

The air that simultaneously sucks me into his gravitational pull also cuts me deeply, slicing me to the core with his harsh tone. The day has been long and grueling. My aching fingers are begging for a break, but Dominic insists I keep going under the guise of my father’s orders. Truth be told, he’s the one who really likes to see me sweat. The connection between us is deadly. The closer we are to one another; someone is bound to get hurt.

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