Power Systems Cybersecurity: Methods, Concepts, and Best Practices by Hassan Haes Alhelou

Power Systems Cybersecurity: Methods, Concepts, and Best Practices for free download on PDF epub(True) format book through a direct link on our site already has the most recent updates The book was made available by Hassan Haes Alhelou Release on March 14, 2023, under the Programming Books genre You can now free download the most recent books and include all books on ebookszone website.

ebook details:

Book Name:Power Systems Cybersecurity: Methods, Concepts, and Best Practices
Format:PDF epub(True)
File Size:75 MB

Story Line:

In order to enhance overall stability and security in wide-area cyber-physical power systems and defend against cyberattacks, new resilient operation, control, and protection methods are required. The cyberattack-resilient control methods improve overall cybersecurity and stability in normal and abnormal operating conditions.

By contrast, cyberattack-resilient protection schemes are important to keep the secure operation of a system under the most severe contingencies and cyberattacks. The main subjects covered in the book are: 1) proposing new tolerant and cyberattack-resilient control and protection methods against cyberattacks for future power systems, 2)

suggesting new methods for cyberattack detection and cybersecurity assessment, and 3) focusing on practical issues in modern power systems.

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