Plaid Attitude by Caroline Lee (PDF)

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Book Name:Plaid Attitude
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Story Line:

She might not have time for love, but fate has other plans… Lady Coira, eldest daughter of mad Laird Oliphant, knows she deserves more than what she has. Oh, not love and marriage; the only man she’s ever been attracted to is the clan’s taciturn and infuriating Commander, and she has no interest in a man telling her what to do. Nay, what she wants is responsibility, control of the clan she’s overseen for so long. Too bad she doesn’t have what it takes to become Clan Oliphant’s new laird: manly bits.

As the Oliphant Commander, Doughall Moray has worked beside Lady Coira for years. He has the utmost respect for her and her abilities, and knows she can do anything she puts her mind to. But the budding friendship between Coira and his daughter Bess is enough to make Doughall wince. It’s bad enough he must tamp down his admiration—or more accurately, lust—when he’s working with her…but now he has to pretend indifference while she’s in his home?

But Bess is a lively lass, and when her loving heart lands her in the kind of trouble no parent should experience, Doughall is lucky to have an unexpected ally. Can Coira and Doughall put aside their differences for Bess’ sake? When Laird Oliphant falls ill and is officially ready to declare an heir, Coira is going to have to choose between the clan she’s always protected and the family she’s coming to love.

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