Phoenix by Piper Stone (PDF)

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Book Name:Phoenix
File Size:2.6MB

Story Line:

She made the mistake of tempting me. Then the predator in me claimed her – body and soul.

Single father, Marine, Smokejumper, Cattle Rancher. I’ve been called many things including dangerous. When my father attempts to destroy my legacy, I cut family ties, only to learn his power and influence is far reaching. There is no room in my life for romance, venomous snakes determined to follow through with my father’s vile wishes. Then Wren Tillman crashes into my life like a firestorm, all sass and arrogance, denying the electric connection.

Yet there is no doubt she craves a firm hand, ultimately begging for my belt. What starts out as explosive passion turns into more, her father determined to marry her off to the highest bidder. I’m no gentleman, a man who takes what he wants, and I’ve already laid claim to the beautiful vixen. No one touches what already belongs to me. She’ll fight my authority, refusing to bend, but in the end, I’ll not only claim her body but her heart as well.

What the fuck is wrong with you?” Maverick’s voice was muffled, the sound lost completely as an explosion of fire erupted in the forest.

I stood staring at the fire as wind carried embers high over the thick canopy of trees. I’d always been mesmerized by fire, the beautiful blue hue mesmerizing. Even now, the heat oppressive, I couldn’t break away from the intensity of sensations rocketing through me.

“Riggs. We have to get the hell out of here.” Houston snapped as he flanked my side, holding his arm over his face as the thick, acrid smoke rolled in billowing clouds. When I said nothing, he grabbed my arm, trying to lure me away.

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