Penalty Box by Kris Butler (PDF)

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Book Name:Penalty Box
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Story Line:

I loved two things above all others: hockey and Reese.

Becoming Reese’s guardian hadn’t been in my plans, but I couldn’t turn my sibling away when they needed me. I never anticipated how difficult juggling hockey and raising a teenager would be. Being a woman in a male-dominated sport meant I spent the majority of my time proving I could measure up. It didn’t matter that I’d won two Olympic medals or could outshoot most male players. I was a woman, and that was all that mattered.

When an ex leaked a private video, I was suspended from the league for ‘morality issues.’ Suddenly, I had no clue what to do with my life if it didn’t include hockey. With no direction, purpose, or job prospects, I felt lost, with no clear sign of what to do next. Visiting a friend, an opportunity for Reese emerged in Utah, and I was thrust into a world I hadn’t known existed—an elite academy for winter sports. Between coaching hockey and training Reese, I met three guys who made my heart race.

But after my last relationship disaster, I wasn’t ready to choose a life I wasn’t sure fit me anymore. Feeling hopeful, I accepted a job coaching the male hockey team. Maybe trying something new would be what Reese and I needed. Lux Brumalis could be what got us out of the Penalty Box once and for all. Watch out, boys; it was time you learned how to play like a girl. My name’s Henley Henshaw, but you can call me Coach.

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