Panthers’ Reign by AJ Mullican (PDF)

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Book Name:Panthers’ Reign
File Size:2.5MB

Story Line:

Forgive me, Igni, for I have sinned. I laid with a wolf, and now their Elders have ordered my death. Shunned by the convent that raised me, with precious few allies left, my mate and I must raise an army while evading the death squads sent to sniff us out. Both panther and wolf must set aside generational grudges to expose the Elders’ corruption before the solar ascension. Time ticks on. The days grow long, the nights recede, and our options grow slim. The final war is coming. We all have our parts to play, and one wrong move could end the panther tribe and secure the Elders’ hold on the wolves.

It’s been a week since I led the refugee wolves to the convent. Since then, several small groups of wolves have appeared at the compound, loyalists who refuse to bow to the remaining Elders’ new reign. They trickle in day by day, and the convent is bursting at the seams with all the new guests. Most are adjusting to life here well enough, but Cara? Cara’s ready to burn the whole place down.

She’s polite enough when dealing with Father Aron and the acolytes, but I see the tension in her body whenever he’s near. I smell her fear when he or any male approaches her. She’s far from over her ordeal in the dungeon, and Father Aron’s attitude doesn’t help matters. He oozes contempt in every word, and I’m sure his constant reminders of his arbitrary rules don’t help either. Cara’s an Alpha wolf, accustomed to being in charge, so the limitations he places on her have got to grate at her already frayed nerves.

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