Old Poets: Reminiscences and Opinions By Donald Hall

Old Poets: Reminiscences and Opinions for free download on epub format book through a direct link on our site already has the most recent updates The book was made available by Donald Hall Release on December 28, 2021, under the Historical genre You can now free download the most recent books and include all books on ebookszone website.

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Book Name:Old Poets: Reminiscences and Opinions
File Size:2MB

Story Line:

Essential Oils: Extraction, Characterization and Applications covers sixteen essential oils from different herbal and aromatic plants, including production, composition and extraction techniques such as distillation, chemistry and properties, characterization and applications.

The book also presents their safety, toxicity and regulation, alongside trade, storage, stability and transport concepts. Essential oils in plants, extraction and analysis, and current trends in the use of essential oils, like aroma therapy, agro-food and non-food usage are thoroughly explored.

Remaining chapters are dedicated to different essential oils, including lavender, peppermint, sandalwood, citrus, eucalyptus, tea tree, clove, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, rosewood, juniper and pine, patchouli, clary, and more.

Edited by a global team of experts in essential oils, this book is designed to be a practical tool for the many diverse professionals who develop and market essential oils.

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