Office Heat by Zelene Heath (PDF)

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Book Name:Office Heat
File Size:2.2MB

Story Line:

Were from DIFFERENT WOLRDS, as he is privileged to grow up in a wealthy environment, unlike me, who came from a foster home.

Although I’m pretty focused at work, I often get distracted by my tall and handsome billionaire boss. I’m not scared by his dominance, and I refuse to back down by showing him that I’m competent and resourceful in every task he hands me, even when things get awkward. But I find herself staring at him more often than I should. An encounter filled with accusations.

To say I was enraged would be an understatement. He is smoking hot! But the truth is, he’s lacking in the manners department. The perfect opportunity to get my foot in the door has presented itself, but the internship comes with a caveat I’m not prepared to handle. Unfortunately, our accidental encounter resulted only in angst and drama.

On top of it, I’ve got my family crises to worry about. Little that I know, my boss goes from hating me to secretly admiring how I handle my job, but it doesn’t stop him from giving me more tedious tasks to handle. As our opposite worlds clash, the floodgates open to his unraveling buried family secrets. The problem with secrets? They don’t always stay a secret…

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