Notch Afraid by Jade Royal (PDF)

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ebook details:

Book Name:Notch Afraid
File Size:1.4MB

Story Line:

Seven Corinne is the one that got away, my first love. A chance meeting allows me to right the wrongs and claim my one true love. Trauma makes the past an unforgiving problem we can’t ignore. I’ve changed, but if she doesn’t give me a second chance to show it, how will I un-break her heart?

Corinne Things have changed. I’m not the love-struck girl Seven remembers me to be. Putting my needs first, I won’t allow him to charm me with his sex appeal and smooth words. How will he heal the pain and abide by my rules if he doesn’t understand where we went astray?

Are they destined to be together as soul mates or move on to something new?

As my heart rate slows and the bliss of my orgasm melted away, I stare at the ceiling of a bedroom I was unfamiliar with. I was smart enough to know that a one-night stand wouldn’t lead to a relationship, but it didn’t mean that I had to be cold to him. He’d tried to snuggle, kiss me, and even asked if I wanted breakfast in the morning. I’d declined it all because that was too familiar and I didn’t need things drifting in that direction.

Hell, I couldn’t even tell you if he was any good. I’d been thinking of another man while he was pounding away. Seven. He was an ex-boyfriend, and I missed the f*ck out of him. We’d ended because he couldn’t understand boundaries. He had a female best friend that he’d do anything for and it always made me feel second best.

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