No Such Queen by CoraLee June (PDF)

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Book Name:No Such Queen
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Atticus Dupont is my stalker. My savior. My captor. He wants to keep me for himself. I was yanked from August’s arms and thrown into the deadly underbelly of the criminal kingdom. Atticus is my only ally in this place, and he revels in knowing that I must rely on him if I want to survive–if I want to get back to my future husband. Atticus is dangerous, and I don’t trust him. I despise him. I ache for him. But the playboy billionaire has demons of his own. Somehow, I started to fall for him. And I can’t leave now. Mighty is the sword. Violent, are the crown’s enemies.

There is a full lockdown in effect, sir. There is no entry or exit from the castle,” said the guard at the gate. He was an arrogant man with a thin mustache and a puffed up chest. His position as the gatekeeper for the royal family probably made him feel important, and he probably fucked his wife every Saturday in the missionary position.

He had a scuffed up wedding band on his left hand and the look of a man who didn’t know good sex even though there was plenty of porn to study. The Mrs. probably laid there like a dead fish, praying he’d hurry up and come so she could go back to reading her romance novels and flick her own clit.

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