Nitro by Liv Brywood (PDF)

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ebook details:

Book Name:Nitro
File Size:2.3MB

Story Line:

She’ll either be the death of me… or my salvation… If it weren’t for my MC brothers, I’d be dead. Holly doesn’t get it. Although she’s been working at the club for years, I’ve never let her see the demons that have taken over my soul. Her life just blew up and now she needs my help to hide from her abusive ex-husband. I can do that.

What I can’t do is give in to my deviant desires. She wants to heal my heart with her gentle touches and innocent caresses, but some things are broken beyond repair. If she catches a glimpse of the monster inside me, she’ll panic and run. But she’d better run fast because once I touch her, I’m never letting her go…

Maybe I’ve got a death wish. Maybe I don’t. It doesn’t matter anymore. I’m standing at the top of a mountain, and I’m going to jump. Nothing can stop me. Not my brothers in the club. Not the nightmares haunting my dreams. Not even the one woman I can’t stop thinking about. The only thing I care about is the rush, that feeling of falling through the air toward my inevitable demise. I f**cking live for this shit. I might die for it too. As I peer over the cliff, pure adrenaline courses through my veins. A sheer wall of granite hangs below me.

Beneath that, a pristine waterfall splashes mist into the air. A river snakes through the valley below, past farms and through small towns. I’m thirty-six hundred feet above the ground. The perspective from up here is unnerving. Huge semi-trucks crawl like ants across the distant highway. No one can see me from down there. I’m a speck of dust, smaller than the smashed bugs on their windshields. Invisible. But, then again, even standing right in front of me, has anyone ever really seen me?

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