Need a Hand? by Eliot Grayson (PDF)

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Book Name:Need a Hand?
File Size:614KB

Story Line:

Damian always thought being a firefighter should come with some hero cred. But running over a cute, nerdy civilian who’s in the act of rescuing a three-legged cat, and sending him to the hospital with a broken wrist? Not so heroic. Getting hit by a truck isn’t necessarily so bad when it comes with a tall, broad-shouldered, smiling-eyed firefighter straight out of Peter’s fantasies.

Although Damian’s straight. He has to be, because this is Peter’s life. And a guy that hot and sweet and funny wouldn’t be interested in a geeky twink with no game and a few extra pounds around the middle, anyway. He’s only hanging around to make sure Peter doesn’t sue. Damian’s determined to make amends—he feels awful, and more importantly, Peter’s freaking adorable. Can Peter put his self-doubt in its place once and for all or will he let fear win out and lose the man of his dreams?

Where the heck are you?” No answer. Not like the cat knew his name anyway…or, you know, spoke English, and Peter would’ve stopped to facepalm if he’d had the time. Besides which, Tripod was a true alley cat, snarling and spitting at anyone who tried to cut through to the parking lot, let alone pet him. If he knew his name and spoke English, the little jerk would ignore him out of sheer stubbornness.

Peter’s coworkers thought he was insane for feeding the cat that hung around their company’s office park hissing at everyone, let alone naming him. Current events would appear to bear out their theory.

Except that Peter liked to think he could be as stubborn as he was insane, damn it all.

“Tripod!” His feet slipped on a nasty spill of something seeping out of the dumpster as he ducked down to peer underneath

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