Mr. Big Shot by Arden Steele (PDF)

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Book Name:Mr. Big Shot
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Story Line:

For Nicholas Coletti, escorting interesting people to business dinners and charity galas isn’t the worst way to spend his evenings, but it’s not exactly a fulfilling career, either. So, when one of those events leads to a job opportunity, he’ll do whatever it takes to land a position with one of the city’s biggest marketing firms. Fully aware of his reputation for being cold and ruthless, Rhys Quinton didn’t get to where he is by worrying about what people think of him.

It’s that no-nonsense attitude and his willingness to take risks that built RQ Creative Marketing into the corporate giant it is today. Well, that, and one simple rule. Never mix business with pleasure. It’s a principle that has never failed him, and one he’s never considered breaking. Until now. Because all it takes is one look, and he knows he won’t be satisfied until Nicholas is his.

Hello.” I pasted on a polite smile and extended my right hand. “You must be Miss Quinton.” The silky material of her evening gown wrapped beautifully around her slender frame, and the soft shade of lilac complemented her fair skin to near perfection. Her hair fell around her bare shoulders in loose waves, the strands the palest shade of white gold and gleaming brightly in the harsh fluorescent light of the café.

Add her strappy heels and glittering diamond earrings, and she was vastly overdressed for an all-night coffeehouse. As I was also dressed to the nines in a black tux with a bowtie in the same shade of purple as her dress, we were certainly drawing more than a few glances. Those kinds of looks had bothered me in the beginning, but I barely noticed them anymore. It was just part of the job.

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