Mountain Man Makeover by Brynn Hale (PDF)

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Book Name:Mountain Man Makeover
File Size:1.6MB

Story Line:

She’s his best friend. He wants to change—everything about himself to impress others. Can she help him see that she’s already impressed?

Peri Ten years ago, I met my best friend. He was running away and I was here to stay. I weaseled my way into his grumpy eighteen-year-old heart and Orion and I have been there through some of the darkest days. When he comes to me asking me to help him do a mountain man makeover to impress people from his past, I’m reluctant, but he has been there for me… So I agree and, in the process, I realize that I don’t want him to change. Orion is taller than a mountain pine, sweeter than my peach pie, and grumpier than a bear woken up from hibernation. But can I help him see that he’s already impressed me?

Orion Ten years ago, I met the most annoying girl in my life. But thankfully she didn’t give up on being my friend. I’ve spent those years making something of myself. The booming business, the big, fancy truck, the…I’d say happiness, but that’s not the truth.

I ask for her help, but I can see that she’s struggling. Doesn’t she want me to be happy, even if that means leaving the mountain? During a storm, we have a blow-up and I find myself facing a new truth. Could Peri Welsh be everything I’ve ever wanted and the truth is…I love her? I’m ready to find out.

Hot Guy Makeover has guys you just want to snuggle up with on the sofa and watch a movie —they’ll let you choose the movie!— before taking them straight to bed where they’ll choose the action. They’re the best friend of the heroine and they just haven’t realized what’s in front of them…the one.

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