Misfits by Camie Parrish (PDF)

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Book Name:Misfits
File Size:2.3MB

Story Line:

Every Mage has a Claiming to be blessed by the Dark Lord at 18. Mine was approaching quickly and I was ready to grow into my full power. Until Light Mages start coming up murdered and secrets start piling up. The night of my Claiming changes everything and there is no going back to the Isolabella I was before..

The Dark Lord warned me. He said my future held death and betrayal. He looked into my soul and saw something that set me on a path to Munder where the Dark Mage city is. I’m not who I thought I was, nothing is as it seems, and no one can be trusted. The Dark Lord himself delivered that message and now heading into Phantom Grove Forest my magic will be put to the test as I search out the truth. My truth. Friends become enemies, Family become strangers, strangers become allies.

Heat. That’s what I wake up to at five this morning before the sun has had a chance to come up. Rolling onto my back I shove Shadow, my mother’s tabby cat, off my legs. I never understood how my mother’s familiar loved to sleep in my bed more than hers, but I find comfort in the little gray tabby watching over me during the night. Sitting up, I stretch my arms in a twist and call out to Shadow, “Come here, fat girl.” Patting the bed, I wait for her to slink up the bed. Meow.

She walks over to me and rubs her head against my knee. I pet Shadow’s head a few times before pushing the blankets off me and heading for the bathroom. Turning on the water to warm up my shower, I use the toilet and strip down to get in. After getting clean and making sure my hair is washed with my favorite purple shampoo I step out and dry off.

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