Margo by Bayleigh Rae (PDF)

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Book Name:Margo
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Story Line:

Margo didn’t think of herself as an overly sentimental person, but she couldn’t help but tear up as she watched her best friend Luna marry her Daddy and the love of her life, Baze Patrick, in a beautiful Christmas-night ceremony. She’d been sniffling throughout the ceremony, but when the officiant pronounced them man and wife, and Baze dipped Luna to hold her in his arms and kiss her, the waterworks started.

Maybe it was the super romantic moment, or maybe it was her reflecting on how much their lives had all changed since the moment Baze and Luna met a few short months before. Or maybe it was because Margo knew that everything, everything, was about to change, not just in Luna’s life but in hers as well. Because as soon as Baze took Luna in his arms, and Margo wiped her leaking eyes with the back of her hand, she caught the gaze of Knox Remington, the construction foreman who’d made the last-minute wedding possible by flying from Montana to Nevada to renovate a conference room into a chapel.

He winked at her, and her tummy twisted into a whole acrobatic performance because she and Knox had made a deal, and that kiss Baze and Luna shared had sealed it up. Knox, whom she’d been flirting with and courting for the last six weeks, was now her Daddy. And that meant… Well, Margo wasn’t entirely sure what exactly that meant, but she knew that at the very least, she’d agreed to submit to a spanking for spending weeks lying to him about being naughty and breaking rules when she wasn’t.

He locked eyes with her and held her gaze, the corners of his mouth turning up in a smirk. The kiss finally ended, and the wedding recessional music started. Ahead of her, Baze and Luna locked arms and danced down the aisle as their friends and family looked on. Next, Baze’s best friend and best man, Alan Dukakis, locked arms with his wife, Lacy, who’d served as Luna’s matron of honor, and followed the bride and groom out of the chapel.

Derek, the owner of Rawhide Ranch, the BDSM resort in Montana where Baze had proposed to Luna and Margo had met Knox, followed, escorting Margo’s roommate Jilly, and her friend Jade. Baze’s brother Zane walked with twins Tessa and Ellie, and then it was Knox’s turn. He met Margo and Mariah in the center of the aisle and locked arms with each of them, Margo on his right side and Mariah on his left.

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