Losing The Vampire King by Nikki Grey (PDF)

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Book Name:Losing The Vampire King
File Size:2.6MB

Story Line:

What happens when forbidden love becomes forgotten love?

We fought hard for our love. We traversed the path from enemies to lovers. We overcame all the obstacles and became everything to each other. Now, they have taken him from me again. My vampire king. My reason for living. They have turned him against me somehow, and I fear he might never be able to find his way back to me, to us, to his family.

This small town has become my sanctuary, and I need to protect it from the skin walkers, just like I knew Edmund would. He is my protector, and now I have to be theirs. Otherwise, something terrible might happen. The monsters of the past are back, threatening to destroy us all. I need him back. Will my love be enough to make him remember who he truly is?

It’s not like Edmund to disappear without telling me. I haven’t seen him all day. Usually, if this is the case, he’d tell me beforehand that he’ll be out of town for the day, or that he might be up in the mountain with Kano or someone else. It’s not about controlling each other. On the contrary, it’s being safe, because our lives aren’t ordinary.

They are anything but. We always need to be careful. One wrong move could cost us too much. Of course, I understand his obligations towards the clan. I have them as well. Being the king and queen of vampires is a 24-hour job. It’s a lot, even when you aren’t taking everything into consideration.

I knew that when I accepted to become his mate, when I made his destiny my own as well. “He’s probably by the lake,” I hear my mother suggest, after I’ve been pretending this whole day that I’m not bothered at all by the fact that I haven’t seen Edmund. She knows me too damn well sometimes. “Did you check there?” she asks, as she’s holding my three-year-old in her arms.

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