Last Stand by Lindsay McKenna (PDF)

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Book Name:Last Stand
File Size:1.4MB

Story Line:

SEAL Cal Sinclair met Lieutenant Sky Lambert, an Army Black Hawk helicopter officer, at a forward operating base in the last days of the USA being in Afghanistan. Cal has never given his heart to any woman, but there is something so deep and moving about her that it breaks every rule he ever set for himself when it came to the opposite sex. When Sky is wounded, and Cal saves her life, she is sent on a medical plane to Germany for surgery….and he never sees her again. It’s as if Sky has disappeared not only from his life but there is no trace of her anywhere in the world. Undaunted, he leaves the Navy and goes on a mission to find her…or else.

Sky Lambert is a woman who carries many secrets and none of them are good. At the forward operating base, she meets and falls in love with Cal Sinclair. Fighting her desire to see him again, she knows she cannot drag anyone she loves into her nightmare existence. It’s better to disappear and let Cal have a good life without her in it. Hiding in Peru, South America, Sky thinks no one will find her. Worse, another man, a Russian drug lord, is on her trail and wants her for his own. When Cal finds Sky, a war erupts when the Russian comes after them. Only one man will survive…

Cal Sinclair didn’t know whether to laugh in triumph or cry with relief. His boss, Jack Driscoll, a retired US Navy SEAL and owner of Shield Security, had finally located Sky Lambert after almost a year of searching to track down her whereabouts. Sliding his keycard into the outside slot, the door swung open into the global security agency based in Alexandria, Virginia.

He took a deep, steadying breath. Would he FINALLY find Sky? It was 0630, the January sky dark, and it was snowing. Two years ago, his SEAL team had been stationed at Camp Nichols, near the Pakistan border with Afghanistan. They were there to stop weapons and drugs from coming across that border into Afghanistan via mountain ratlines. It was there that he met and fell in love with Medevac Army pilot, Lieutenant Sky Lambert.

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