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Book Name:Laravel Concepts (2023)
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Story Line:

“Laravel Concepts” is a two-part collection of different ideas and concepts that recur on a daily basis in our job.

Part I covers the following concepts in 146 pages

SOLID principles in Laravel with practical and easy-to-understand examples.

Building a dashboard with lots of numbers and sales-related data.

Handling discounts and coupons. It’s a challenge that becomes a monster if done wrong.

Working with 3rd parties. Almost every application needs to integrate with external services. Let’s do it right!

Custom fields. If your application has a lot of customization you can benefit a lot from this concept.

Part II covers these topics in 123 pages

Advanced filters and sorters. A requirement that occurs often in business applications.

Boundaries in DDD and modular systems. If you’re building a bigger-than-average system you’ll probably benefit from these concepts.

Value objects everywhere. If you don’t want to maintain huge associative arrays with random keys for the following years this chapter will help you, for sure.

Static analysis. It discusses three of my favorite tools that made my life much easier.

OS processes. Working directly with processes such as git.

Custom Query Builders. It’s a less-known Laravel feature that helps you structure your code.

All of the above are presented with real use cases and real code. Each chapter comes with a mini project and able source code.

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