Lady of the Drowned Empire by Frankie Diane Mallis (PDF)

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Book Name:Lady of the Drowned Empire
File Size:9.8MB

Story Line:

Blindsided by their aunt’s betrayal and stripped of the protections of their station, Lyr and her sisters’ only hope of survival is to throw themselves into the dark intrigue of the Bamarian Court. As Meera and Morgana struggle to hide their illegal magic while living amongst their enemies, Lyr uncovers long-buried secrets from her mother that may finally unlock her power. But the Imperators are determined to set decades-long plans into motion, with Lyr’s true identity placing her at the center of their game.

As Morgana’s magic intensifies to its breaking point, she comes face to face with the Lumerian Empire’s most insidious secret—one that threatens her and Meera’s lives. To save her sisters, Lyr must escape Bamaria with Rhyan. Though they’re being hunted by demons and tracked across borders by the Empire’s forces, they’re determined to solve the puzzle Lyr’s mother left behind. But claiming Lyr’s power may not be enough as an ancient evil returns to Lumeria.

Having survived the Imperator’s cruel test and lashing, Lyr is more determined than ever to train as a soturion, and prove she deserves to stay in Bamaria. She now only has three months to prepare for the Emperor’s test in winter, and has agreed to additional secret trainings with her bodyguard and apprentice Still haunted, by her last interaction with the immortal Afeya, Mercurial, Lyr debates telling Rhyan his cryptic words to her, “You’re the fire.” But before she can, she is summoned by Arkturion Aemon for a trial.

Tani has been accused of being a member of the Emartis, the terrorist organization determined to replace Lyr’s father as arkasva with her Aunt Arianna. Many believe Arianna to be the rightful ruler, and identify themselves with black seraphim feathers—a symbol Tani recently had on her when she engaged Lyr in a fight.

Lyr has been called as a witness, and believes Tani will be found guilty, but when the Imperator appears, Lyr is suddenly the one being questioned until she’s once more publicly humiliated and tortured. Fearing that Tani will tell the Imperator and Aemon her suspicions of Rhyan and Lyr’s affair, and illegal use of kashonim, Lyr defends Tani despite the damning evidence, and they are all dismissed.

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