Knotting Hill by Eve Newton (PDF)

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Book Name:Knotting Hill
File Size:2.6MB

Story Line:

We’re just a pack, standing in front of an omega, asking her to mate with us.” Corny movie line, right? Effective? Not the first time. But that’s the middle of the story. Let’s rewind a few weeks, where I, Storm Rivers, back out of a popular coffee shop chain, trip over a disgruntled Cockapoo, and dump my Latte Macchiato all over Knotting Hill’s most notorious playboy, Jonathan Pierce St. Luc, or JP for short.

As a result, I end up with no coffee on a need-coffee day, an unexpected dry cleaning bill and a pack that has decided to chase unenthusiastic me across half of London. But the reputation of the St. Luc’s doesn’t end with the prime alpha’s. They’re each as bad as the other with the string of omegas they date. When they decide I’m going to be theirs, how far will they go to claim me?

My eyes flutter open in the warm morning sunlight, my alarm still beeping from its spot on my bedside table. I sigh and groan, my body feeling heavy and my head pounding. I roll over, the pain radiating through my body. I reach for my phone and snatch it up, turning off the alarm, which has already been snoozed twice. “Ugh.” I pull my tongue from the roof of my mouth and sit up so I can grab the bottle of water and take a big glug.

Glancing around the studio flat that I call home in the exclusive neighbourhood of Knotting Hill, I need to get my body to move. Work is waiting, and I don’t want to be late. I like my job as a back-of-house medical receptionist, and it keeps me independent from my parents. They are both doctors, sharing a private practice not far from here. At twenty-five, I didn’t want to be still living with them and having them pay for everything, so I went out and got a job. With their rivals.

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