Kiss of Death by Alice Wilde (PDF)

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Book Name:Kiss of Death
File Size:1.5MB

Story Line:

What would you give to save the one person who truly loves you? Your soul? Your life? Your love? Life was far from perfect after my mother’s sudden death, but it was one I’d grown to love as I spent my younger years traveling and learning alongside my father. A life I’ll never know again. Not after she and her two cruel sons step into our lives.

My father swore he’d never love again, but just as suddenly as she arrived, she became the very center of his world… and just as quickly, I was all but forgotten. Life turned upside down yet again, my days now spent “as a woman should,” confined to the house and endless chores. Still, I did not complain… if only for my father’s sake.

Not even when cruel words turn into even crueler punishments at my new family’s hands. It isn’t until I find my father suddenly on his deathbed and myself betrothed to a sadistic lord at my stepmother’s command that I finally decide to take matters into my own hands. I have to save my father. I have to make a deal with The Bargainer.

If I fail, I’ll be found, beaten, and married off to undoubtedly die at my husband’s hand. If I succeed, my father will live, though at what cost to myself I do not know. Either way, my life as I know it is forfeit… but at least this way, I can choose my own fate. Or, so I thought.

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