Kings & Corruption by Sadie Hunt (PDF)

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Book Name:Kings & Corruption
File Size:2.2MB

Story Line:

I hate them. They want me. I only came to Blackwell Falls to find my missing sister. First on my list of suspects: the notorious Kings of Aventine. Now I’m forced to live with the three men I can’t afford to trust. Rock tries to fool me with a soft touch, kind blue eyes, and the nurturing I secretly crave.

Brooding, dark-eyed Oscar takes pictures of me when I’m not looking and tempts me with his piercings, inked skin, and honeyed words. And then there’s Neo: King of Kings. Savage street fighter. Bully. Stepbrother. He wants me as much as he hates me.

I came to Aventine ready for anything — except falling for the three gorgeous men who might have hurt my sister. Will they be my saviors — or my destroyers?

That’s what was going through my mind as I watched everyone milling around the reception venue. Some things never changed. It was pretty much the same crowd that had been at every wedding, baptism, and funeral since I was born: dark-haired men packing heat under their suit jackets while their overly made-up wives gossiped, holding champagne glasses carefully so they didn’t mess up their freshly manicured nails. The men were talking business — they were always talking business — but they were also watching the younger women in the crowd while they pretended like they weren’t.

Probably scoping out a round of new mistresses.

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