King by Erin Trejo (PDF)

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Book Name:King
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Story Line:

Bully: A person who habitually seeks to harm or intimidate those they perceive as vulnerable. That was King. He and his friends tormented me at every turn and made me feel like I shouldn’t exist, and maybe they were right. Maybe I shouldn’t be here, yet here I am. Lies and deceit come in all forms, I should know. My life becomes intertwined with King’s, my bully. Secrets are threatening to rip us apart but do the opposite by pulling us closer. I find myself comforted by my bully, as confusing and strange as it is. However, the secrets held by others have the power to rip us apart. What power will they have over us when everything is on the table?

The sound of screeching, twisting metal is loud. It’s all I can hear, although I can’t see a thing. Twisted metal cages me in as I blink my eyes, warm crimson trickling down my face. I can feel the gash on my face, but I don’t dare reach up and touch it. Once the screeching comes to a halt, there’s nothing but silence and the ringing in my ears. There are no other sounds even though I know there was another car. I try to wiggle my way free, but there’s no use.

There’s nothing I can do. I’m trapped. I open my mouth to call for help, but my throat is dry and feels raw, yet I do it anyway. “Help,” the sound comes out pained, and that’s when I smell it. Gas. I jolt awake, my hand going immediately to my body to check for signs of trauma. When I’m satisfied there isn’t any, I let my body relax back into my pillow beneath me, releasing a sigh of relief.

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