Kind Hearts & Carrot Cake by Rosie Green (PDF)

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Book Name:Kind Hearts & Carrot Cake
File Size:1.6MB

Story Line:

When you suddenly find yourself loveless and penniless, how on earth do you make it through? An emotional but ultimately uplifting story of one woman’s struggles to get by, and the special someone who brings hope and happiness to light up her world…

I’m up to my eyes in unpacking, a few days before Christmas, when the bell does its weird, squeaky ring Will I ever get used to that sound?

More to the point, will I ever get used to living here, in this tiny flat above a shop on Sunnybrook High Street? No garden for Luke to play in and not enough space indoors to swing a mouse, never mind a cat.

My super-successful sister, Nadia, will have a field day when she sees where we’ve ended up. I’ll have to brace myself for the lectures.

I can hear her now, in my head.

‘Honestly, Jen, I’d rather die than sit back and let other people support me financially, but that’s exactly what you’ve done your whole life! I hate to say I told you so, but it’s no wonder you’ve finally come a cropper. And by the way, I knew all along Jake wasn’t right for you. But would you listen?’

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