Kidnapped By the Mountain Man by Khloe Summers

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Book Name:Kidnapped By the Mountain Man
File Size:312KB

Story Line:

Fictional men. What’s not to love? They’re the perfect adaptation of real-life men, minus all the stupid things they do. I realize that’s a dim light to shed on the male species as a whole, but that’s where I am right now. And if anything, I’m honest. Honest to a fault. Honest to the core. Honest to the point where I kind of make myself sick. “Are you listening to anything I say, Cora?” My father’s tone is condescending and wrought with frustration.

My wedding is in two days, and admittedly, I’ve become less and less attached to this realm and more attached to the idea that someone on a white horse is going to come save me. Last night I was reading this book about a mob boss. He was tall, inked, and oozed this masculinity that no one could deny. He kidnapped some girl and held her against her will because her family owed him money.

Of course, they fell in love and had amazing, earth-shattering sex. I’m not saying exceptional sex is the prize… but it would be nice. What I want, more than anything, is to be taken away and held captive. It’s the only way I think I’d ever break free of this situation. How sad is that? “Okay. We’ll talk later,” my father snaps, standing from the couch to head toward the back room with Mom. I remember days when I admired his patience.

His favorite thing to say is, ‘patience is a virtue to a farmer.’ At least, that was his favorite thing to say. Since Mom got sick, he’s been wound tight as a two-dollar watch. As he leaves the room, the doorbell rings and I’m left with the chore of opening it. Yes, opening the door is a chore.

Especially considering I’d much rather be hidden upstairs in the cozy corner of the makeshift library. It’s mostly just the corner of a room with a few giant bean bags and a small bookshelf I built from scrap wood out back, but it’s cozy, and when I close the door and turn out the lights, I could be anywhere.

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