Jonas by Piper Cook (PDF)

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Book Name:Jonas
File Size:599KB

Story Line:

This bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks is about to steal her generous heart, but is her trust fund at risk also?

Jonas Knowles Hard work and a hand up got me where I am today. I’m dedicated to paying my good fortune forward, but my focus gets knocked for a loop when Jenna Nichols crosses my path. She’s beautiful, caring, and a breath of fresh air. Most of all, she brings joy to my stagnant heart. We couldn’t be more opposite, yet she fills my soul with the hope of a future I don’t deserve. I want her smile, her heart, her soul. But she’s off-limits to a man like me.

Jenna Nichols A winning lottery ticket changed the course of my life forever. My future’s secure and I want for nothing. But material things can’t make up for what I long for most. True love. When Jonas Knowles pops up on my radar, he’s a blip I can’t ignore. He’s handsome, hardworking, and makes my heart lighter. I want to trust him with all my secrets, but I’ve been burned by greedy rogues in the past. I’ve learned my lesson, and I won’t let my guard down again.

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