Jagged Edge by Lynn Hagen (PDF)

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Book Name:Jagged Edge
File Size:704KB

Story Line:

After a night at Loose Lips, Stefan can’t remember his night at the bar. When he arrives there to retrieve his car keys, a stranger greets him, holding Stefan’s keys in his hand. Now the guy is telling him that they’d spent hours talking last night, a memory Stefan couldn’t recall. While trying to figure Richard out, Stefan is contacted by his father, a guy who’d bailed when Stefan’s mom found out she was pregnant with his sister. Richard isn’t sure how to feel about Stefan completely forgetting him.

There was only one solution. Woo the human, because Stefan is his mate, and Richard isn’t giving up on him. Unfortunately, Stefan is a hard nut to crack, until Stefan’s four-year-old sister wants to adopt Richard. How cute. If only Stefan was that crazy about him. Thankfully Stefan starts to warm to the idea. Too bad his deadbeat dad shows back up in town, and Richard’s gut tells him that the guy is up to no good.

The shutters were closed, but light streamed between the slats. Stefan turned over and yawned then stretched. The full-body kind that made his muscles burn. Then he winced because he’d drunk so much last night that he’d accidentally driven to his mother’s house.

He knew that because of his surroundings. He was in his old bedroom, which she’d never converted into her sewing room like she kept saying she would. God, how much had he’d slammed back? Stefan’s memory became fuzzy after that third shot of tequila. His mouth was dry, and his tongue felt like a rug. Either he’d had one too many cigarettes or he’d been licking the carpet on his bedroom floor.

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