It’s Not All Roses by Maia Terry (PDF)

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Book Name:It’s Not All Roses
File Size:834KB

Story Line:

How can you let someone you’re head over heels in love with into the darkest parts of your soul? The parts you keep locked away so no one can judge you. Rosalind is a regular 20-year-old. She has a great group of friends and a boy she adores. Until a horrible night when everything changes. Atticus is the star basketball player at Savanna University.

He meets Rose through a mutual friend, and soon they become inseparable. When she starts to withdraw and act strange, he begins to worry about her. One night during a panic attack, she calls him, and he rushes to her aid. It’s then that he learns about her darkest secret. Will Atticus throw away everything to help her? Will Rose accept his help, or will she push him away?

It’s almost dismissal. It’s almost dismissal. I chant to myself repeatedly. This is my last class of the day and then I’m free. My fingers are sore from clenching my pencil so tightly today while I’ve tried to keep it together. With last night heavy on my mind, I glance over at Amelia, who is already looking at me with her face scrunched in confusion.

I quickly look away from her and pretend to be writing something down. My friends have done nothing to deserve the rudeness I have been giving them all day, but I can’t help it. If I tell them what happened, they will all lose it. I can’t deny that my heart broke a little when I saw the look on Atticus’ face after I flinched away from him. He definitely didn’t deserve that, but it was just instinct.

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