Indecently Daring by Emma V Leech (PDF)

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Book Name:Indecently Daring
File Size:3.3MB

Story Line:

A frosty reception… Staying with her Aunt Harriet and Uncle Jasper at the beautiful Holbrook House seems the ideal place for Alana Cadogan after breaking things off with her best friend and long-term fiancé, Oliver Cootes. All of Alana’s plans for the future have come to naught and the horrifying prospect of the season and the marriage mart looms large on her horizon. Still, at least she has the comfort of family, her dear friend Lady Catherine ‘Cat’ Barrington, and… Well, there’s always a catch.

A man of God… The Reverend Harry Martin has just about had enough. If it isn’t young women following him about, lying in wait for him, and trying their best to get him in a compromising situation, now there’s Miss Cadogan to deal with. The dreadful girl is outspoken, opinionated and rubs Harry up the wrong way whenever they cross paths. She’s also beautiful, kind, and on his mind far too often.

When confession is good for the soul… The problem is, clergymen ought not look like Harry Martin. It just isn’t natural. A vicar ought to be old and dusty and smell of mothballs. The Reverend Martin is young and vigorous and, yes—a bit of a prig, but looking like a fallen angel can only lead a girl into temptation, and trouble, and Alana is more than ready for both.

Salvation comes in many forms… As Alana hears Harry’s confession and comes to understand him, and to love him, Harry must come to terms with the fact he can never be a fit husband for anyone, let alone lovely Lana. But when good triumphs over evil and Alana helps make all right with the world, perhaps she can bring him salvation too, if only Harry dares to believe it.

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